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John The Ripper

Custom sha512 format (salt)

# format : hash$salt
$ cat sha512_salt.hash

$ john sha512_salt.hash --wordlist=/opt/rockyou.txt --format='dynamic=sha512($p.$s)'
Using default input encoding: UTF-8
Loaded 1 password hash (dynamic=sha512($p.$s) [128/128 AVX 2x])
Warning: no OpenMP support for this hash type, consider --fork=8
Press 'q' or Ctrl-C to abort, almost any other key for status
november16       (?)
1g 0:00:00:00 DONE (2021-12-13 13:53) 50.00g/s 924000p/s 924000c/s 924000C/s yasmeen..nolan
Use the "--show --format=dynamic=sha512($p.$s)" options to display all of the cracked passwords reliably
Session completed

Crack ZIP

$ zip2john > zip.hash
$ john zip.hash --wordlist=/opt/rockyou.txt